The Three Leaches

Welcome to The Three Leaches theatre company where we are dedicated to creating provocative theatre. We wholeheartedly believe great theatre should focus first and foremost on the quality and depth of the story and acting, which is why a budget of $1000 is set for every show we produce. 

We forgo ornate sets, complicated costumes, and glamorous divas to give you the best experience we can. 
This is theatre - raw. 

Please, enjoy the show. 

10 Minute Play Competition Winners!

The Three Leaches is proud to announce the two winners of our 10 minute play competition!

Disaster Plan by J.C. Samuels

Disaster Plan Play
Quirky Communication
Haikus Matter Now

(You'll need to come see it to understand! Come to the fundraiser to see this witty piece!)


Lifetime by Angie Farrow:
What if you could cram an entire span of a marriage into ten minutes? Now, what if you tried that with a stranger? Come see this creative, funny show!